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Teacher Training

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Golden Heart School of Yoga

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A 200 hour certification acknowledged by Yoga Alliance, taught by Donna Lanni and Marsha Munsell. 

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$100 dollar non-refundable deposit  and $2895 in one payment. Payment plans also available.

Golden Heart School of Yoga


General Outline for Yoga Teacher Training in Alignment With Yoga Alliance

Alignment Inspired Vinyasa

The following is a general outline of our in-depth teacher training: 

• Namaskars

• 8 Limbs

• Sequencing

• Ayurvedic lifestyle

• Bandas

• Alignment

• Cuing

• Meditation techniques

• Yin and Yoga Nidra

• Yoga Philosophy

• Anatomy

• Book report requirements

• Assits with and without touch

• Technique

• The business end

• Ethics 

Objectives of Golden Heart School of Yoga

Objective 1: Trainees will learn and recognize the Categories of Asana: (standing poses, standing balance poses, forward bends, backbends, arm balances, twists, and inversions) and will begin to develop a relationship to both the form and the function of the asana within these categories, both energetically and physically.

Objective 2: Trainees will understand the principles of demonstration, observation,

assisting and correction. Determining the need to assist. Asking permission. Creating confidence in the trainees to see when assists might help and to assist gracefully through voice and/or touch.

Objective 3: Trainees will understand basic anatomy- bones, muscle, ligament and tendon support system - identification and kinetics. Trainees will also understand basic applications of anatomy and physiology to asana.

Objective 4: Trainees will learn what to look for in a class, in a student, in themselves, through observation.

Objective 5: Comparative Asana Study Project: Take before training and after training photos. Analyze physical and subtle body alignment. Do a personal practice for 21 days and write a short reflection about each practice as a journaling project.

This training will focus on several aspects of teaching methods, yoga philosophy, ethics, anatomy and personal development. Whether you use this training with the intent of being a certified teacher or for deepening your own practice we think you find it beneficial to either.

Cost: $2995.00

We will be asking for a non-refundable deposit of $100 

$2895.00 may be paid by the end of the first session or 6 payments of $470 per session to be concluded by the end of the last session.

If you have any questions call Donna 474-8108, or Marsha 590-2076.

From our Hearts,

Donna Lanni and Marsha Munsell

Golden Heart School of Yoga, Fairbanks, AK

Heart Stream Yoga 


SO blessed to have been able to take this training with Heart Stream!  - Jade

I  feel very prepared to teach yoga due to the extensive training I  received at The Golden Heart School of Yoga. I am grateful for this  training and would highly recommend The Golden Heart School of Yoga to  anyone in Interior Alaska interested in deepening their own personal  practice, whether in a studio or at home, or in teaching yoga to others.-Carrie

These  two teachers have a wealth of knowledge and bring in teacher trainers  from other states to offer what they themselves don't know as much about  or aren't teacher trained in! - Kathleen