Our Awesme Instructors

Donna Lanni

As a teenager in the 1970s, Donna Lanni first began yoga movement in  front of her stereo while listening to Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.  Initiated and named Devaki by the Acharyas of Ananda Marga, Donna began  teaching yoga and leading kirtans from her home in the late 1980s. In  1991, she was asked to teach yoga at a women& martial arts retreat  which led to 20 years of martial arts training in both Kung Fu and  Shudokhan karate. Years of studying movement and trainings brought her  to her Maha teacher, Shiva Rea, founder of Prana Flow yoga with whom the  rivers of her trainings blended into an ocean of discovery. She is  blessed and grateful for the teachings of Dr. Charles Scott and yoga and  movement mentor, Teri Vierick. Her other influences have been through  the works of Emily conrad, Gabrielle Roth and Beth Rigby, creator of  Yoga Meets Dance (TM).Currently, she holds a 4th Dan in Shudokhan karate  as well as a 1st Dan in Kung fu. She has a 100hr certification in Yoga  Meets Dance. She has her 200hr certification to teach Prana Flow® yoga  from Shiva Rea and the Samudra School of Living Yoga . Through this work  , she is also certified to teach Yoga Trance Dance an integrative  fusion of yoga merging to free flowing dance. Always the student, Donna  is currently enrolled in the 500hr teachers training program with Shiva  and the Samudra tribe. www.shivarea.com She is also certified 200 hour  RYT with Yoga Alliance. In the Summe of 2014, Donna further advanced her  knowledge by becoming certified to teach stand up paddle board yoga  (SUP) through Lazy Dog Paddle Boards out of Key West Florida. Having  always been a "water baby", she has floated, paddled , taught and  trained students on the Alaskan waters surrounding her home and in the  warm waters of Florida. Her favorite yoga board is the Glide Lotus but  her true love is to SUP remote lakes on her Glide inflatable Quest  board! Donna lives in Fairbanks with her beloved, Ron and blended family  of five children. She is a lover of 3 dogs and an Amazon parrot. She  brings to her classes humor and the spiritual alchemy and integration of  seasonal, solar and lunar rhythms, poetry, and music.

Marsha Munsell

Marsha began her yoga journey in 1975 with Richard Hittleman's  book 28 Days of Yoga. Taking the book to live in the bush with her  husband, Jim, she established a daily practice of yoga and meditation  that has served her to this day. After moving to Fairbanks she became  involved in several Mind-Body disciplines. She has studied the art of  Shudokan and Gosoke Ryu karate for 22 years and holds a 6th degree  blackbelt in Shudokan karate and 3rd degree blackbelt in Gosoke Ryu. She  has enjoyed Tai Chi for about 13 years and the past couple of years had  made time to practice the ancient art of Qigong. She has been able to  present Spring Forest Qigong in workshops in Fairbanks and Juneau. In  addition to her passion for the martial arts, she has returned to  pursuing yoga passionately for about 10 years, instructing the last 5.  She has taught yoga classes at the International Karate Association, one  summer as a twice weekly private instructor, for seniors in the OLLI  program and currently conducts weekly classes at the Senior Center. Her  teacher training has come about primarily through Sundari's Anusara  teacher trainings and Lynn Minton. She is grateful for the influence of  Susanne Lyle and Teri Vierick. Her certification process has been  through White Lotus Yoga with Ganga White and Tracey Rich. She is an RYT  200 and E-RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance.She brings to her classes a love of alignment, the beauty of a quiet center, and the joy of inner discovery.

Molly Tedesche

Molly’s yoga experience started in 1999 in upstate New York, where she spent her first years of practice delving deeply and whole heartedly into the alignment-based, detail-oriented styles of Iyengar and Anusara yoga asana, traditional yogic philosophy, and meditation; learning from several experienced teachers. After finishing her bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering Technology, a move out west to California in 2004 for work with the park service in the Sierra Nevadas opened her world to all sorts of new possibilities, including big mountains and Ashtanga yoga.  She then landed in Fort Collins, Colorado in 2007 to earn a master’s degree in Snow Hydrology, and subsequently, to Crested Butte, Colorado for work as a snowboard instructor and forest ranger. Living in the vibrant and spiritual yoga community of Colorado further deepened her practice in Iyengar, Anusara, and Ashtanga yoga, and she also discovered Shiva Rea’s Prana Flow and loved it. Colorado was also the place where Molly began practicing Shambhava Yoga in Fort Collins, with short visits to both the Shoshoni and Eldorado Ashrams near Boulder.  In 2010, she traveled to Mongolia as a Fulbright Scholar to study Snow Hydrology, and she was invited to teach her first yoga classes in Ulaanbaattar’s first Hatha yoga studio.  She then moved to Alaska for work as a hydrologist in Anchorage, and eventually made her way up north for a PhD degree in Snow Hydrology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. She has studied at the Central Institute for Buddhist Studies in Ladakh, India; and has taken took vows with, and is an active member of, the Nyingma Tibetan Buddhist group here in Fairbanks.

Molly also found her way to the wonderful yoga community at Heart Stream Yoga where she has been teaching yoga since 2013. She also studied Shambhava yoga and meditation at the Konalani Ashram in Hawaii and is a certified RYT-200 hour yoga instructor through the Shambhava School of Yoga. She is also self-taught in Yin and Restorative yoga, and continues to develop her knowledge and teaching skills in this style; including work with Yoga Nidra meditation. Molly teaches an eclectic style of yoga, integrating detailed instructions on physical alignments, elements of Eastern philosophy, and either an invigorating vinyasa flow or a deep healing practice of yin (depending on the class). With an emphasis on physical practice as a means to quiet the mind and body for meditation, she offers a challenging but sustainable yoga practice. She hopes to help students discover the possibility for connection with the divine universal consciousness, to find joy in their practice, and to not take themselves too seriously! She has an appetite for Alaskan backcountry adventures in her spare time, like climbing mountains,  snowboarding, nordic skiing, mountain biking, backpacking, canoeing, and  trail running.

Daralyn Canterbury

Daralyn Canterbury is a long time Fairbanksan (since 1974) who is a  retired school counselor/P.E. teacher and grabbed an interest in yoga  about 15 years ago. At that time, she trained in Ashtanga Yoga with  Bryan Kest in Santa Monica, CA. Over this past 15 years Daralyn has  developed her own class that includes various yoga experiences and she  began teaching yoga at that time and has not stopped since. Her practice  and training has also included Kundalini yoga. Daralyn developed her  class based on various yoga experiences and self training. Her  background and degrees include a Masters of Education in School  Counseling and a K-12 teaching certification in Physical Education.  Daralyn currently still teaches Jazzercise. She also studies Tibetan  Buddhism. All, this wide array of training and experience have allowed  Daralyn to develop her own class to incorporate various levels of pilate  type exercise and Ashtanga Yoga primary series with a sprinkle of  Kundalini breath. Daralyn is currently teaching yoga at UAF, Infinite  Yoga of Alaska, Heartstream Yoga and at the Jazzercise studio.

Grace Petersen

Everyone has their own perception of what yoga is. That’s the beauty of yoga. Yoga is yoga is yoga is yoga is yoga. I want the world to know, feel and resonate with (in their own special way) peace, love, compassion. It just so happens, I connect with these qualities through my body, breath and soul in yoga.   My practice, and by extension, my classes revolve around classical yoga philosophy and simple vinyasa. Balancing the traditional with the modern is a yoga practice I've been exploring, on and off the mat. A little sweat, pranayama, mindfulness and yogic philosophy is what you can expect from our time together.    I fell in love with yoga in 2008: in 2012 I completed 200hr Yoga Teacher training in Chiangmai Mai, Thailand through Wise Living Yoga Academy. WLYA is associated with The Yoga Institute of Santacruz,  Mumbai, India and is accredited by the International Board of Yoga.   

Taryn Huges

Taryn found her yoga path after the birth of twins in 2007, practicing  at her home in the small rural community of Tok, Alaska. Yoga enabled  her to keep active while being closely tied to home, tending to her  young family’s needs.Practicing yoga evolved into a curiosity about  the link between physical practice (asana) and life away from the mat.  Taryn found her yoga manifesting in an increasing desire to serve her  community, so she began a grass-roots effort to bring yoga to the people  in Tok; guiding small groups through basic sun salutations in her  basement. As her life began to take shape around her yoga practice, she  felt an ignited passion to attend Yoga Teacher Training.In  January of 2014, Taryn began her 200 hour Prana Vinyasa™ teacher  training; traveling from Tok to Fairbanks to study with Coral Brown, a  widely respected yoga teacher with deep roots in Hindu philosophy. Prana  Vinyasa™’s fusion of slow-moving transitions, long holds, and  connection of breath to movement resonated strongly with Taryn. She  completed her training in January of 2015, having been personally and  professionally transformed by the experiences drawn from her training.Taryn  has been living and teaching in Fairbanks since June of 2015. She joins  Heart Stream Yoga with nearly 500 hours of yoga instruction, and in  2017 will complete guidance with Off the Mat, Into the World, a training  program with focus on yoga as it applies to social activism.Taryn’s  teaching philosophy is strongly rooted in the theory that mindful  movement connects yoga practitioners to our own humanity. As a teacher  she seeks to serve the community of Fairbanks by fusing her practice  with her appreciation for the diverse people and the unique customs of  the city that expanded her roots as a teacher and a person.

Taryn Lopez

I first came to yoga in 2011, motivated to use it as a tool to gain strength and flexibility. As a runner and dancer I was constantly dealing with injuries. Through yoga I hoped to loosen my tight muscles and find a physical practice that would be good for my body with minimal risk of injury. I tried and enjoyed several different styles of yoga from various Fairbanks teachers. Then I was introduced to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, which was both physically and mentally challenging. The Ashtanga Vinyasa system links breathing with posture, and uses the same sequence of postures to enable the movements to become instinctual so the mind can focus. In this manner your practice becomes a moving meditation. I quickly grew to appreciate the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of my Ashtanga Vinyasa practice and became a devoted practitioner. Since that time I have observed myself change to become a more focused, balanced, peaceful, and accepting person. This positive experience made me want to share the benefits of yoga with others, and motivated me to pursue my yoga teacher certification. I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training in October 2015 through combined programs by David Kyle (Ashtanga Yoga Puerto Rico), and Edwin and Catarina Lacayo (It’s Yoga Nicaragua), who teach Modified Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga following the philosophy and methods of Larry Shultz (a former student of Pattabhi Jois). I was attracted to Larry Shultz’s “It’s Yoga” teaching system, which is based off the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa system, but offers modified and creative routines to make Ashtanga Vinyasa accessible and challenging to practitioners with various skill levels, body limitations, time constraints, and motivations. As I teacher, I follow the It’s Yoga philosophy and strive to provide a positive and supportive studio environment, where beginners can feel welcome and advanced practitioners can feel challenged. Most importantly, I aim to share my love of Ashtanga Yoga with others and hope to inspire others to find their better selves on and off the mat.    

Russell Walker

Russell finished the Feldenkrais Training Program in 2017. 

He discovered the Feldenkrais Method during various explorations with other practices such as Qigong and yoga and feels that Feldenkrais as greatly improved his life and says, "It makes everything better."

Class description:

The Feldenkrais Method: Awareness Through Movement emphasizes the coordination of muscle movement rather than the typical regimen of stretching and strengthening.  Moving in an enjoyable way allows someone the chance slow down and learn something new without the strain associated with repetitious exercise.

Kelly Barker

Kelly Barker


I took my first yoga class as a Freshman at the University of Memphis, almost 20 years ago now.  I didn't even have a mat, but from the first movements, I felt a sense of "Ah!  This, this is what I've been looking for!" - and I've been practicing ever since.  As I've moved through the years, I've grown to really love and understand the reason behind calling yoga a practice.  As the stages of our lives move forward, our needs, experiences and relationships change - but a yoga practice can be the thread throughout it all.  It has been that for me, a thread binding me together, through my changes.  The physical practice of yoga gives me joy, strength, resiliency and flexibility in my body, and the spiritual practice of yoga gives me these same gifts, so that I can access them as a wife, as a mother, as a teacher, as a friend, as someone moving through the layers of themselves in order to connect with that which connects us all.

My initial introductions to yoga were through Hatha and Iyengar classes in my hometown of Memphis, TN.  In 2015, I trained under yoga teacher and OT Lindsey Lieneck of Yogapeutics, in Austin, TX, studying mindfulness techniques, therapeutic tools and methods of sensory integration for teaching children, utilizing yoga hammocks for an aerial yoga practice beneficial to both bodies and brains.  In 2016, I received my certification through the Golden Heart School of Yoga, here in Fairbanks, as a 200 hour RYT.  In 2018, I received valuable training in Trauma Informed Yoga under Jody Hassel.  That same year I also received the gift of training with renowned instructor Lynne Minton.  Today I find great joy in teaching to families and kids, at Heart Stream Yoga, and in different school settings in Fairbanks.  I teach an adult class each week in my awesome community of Two Rivers as well.  In all of my classes, my goal is to safely offer a practice that will give my students the knowledge and confidence to begin or deepen their own home practice.   .

Jessica Christenson

Jessica was first introduced to yoga while studying  theatre in high school over 20 years ago.  Her practice continued with  her through University theatre training at the University of northern  Colorado. Utilizing chakra study to help find  depth to character work in theatre, her yoga practice quickly moved to  include both the physical and the spiritual aspects of yoga. After  graduating Jess found herself in Alaska working on a organic farm and  studying Capoiera, a brazilin martial art.  Yoga  helped to maintain a healthy balance of strength and flexibility during  the hard physical work.  

After she became pregnant and birthed her children  she was drawn to helping women to have an empowered birth and labor  experience so she began her training as a Pre/postnatal exercise  Specialist through AFPA then her birth Doula training  through Childbirth International.  This is when she began to work for  Heart Stream Yoga teaching Prenatal yoga and kids yoga.  

Heart Stream then offered their 200hr yoga teacher  training program and Jessica became a certified 200hr RYT through their  school. She has now been teaching Yoga for over 6 years. 

She is the owner of Parvati Birth and Wellness, a homeschool mama and farmer.