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First Friday April 3 
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First Friday is in Suite 206 from 5:30pm-Description: https://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs156/1108420178801/img/147.jpg8:30pm.. We will be once again hosting Akanit. Her paintings and jewelry are lovely! Join us for food and appreciation of another fine Fairbanks           artist.  

                    An Introduction to Soaring Crane Qigong

                            with Sifu John W. Adams, L.Ac.

          Qigong (chee gong) is the ancient Chinese art of cultivating ones qi (life force, prana) as a preventive health care, as a method of maintaining quality of life and as a spiritual practice.  For me, qigong has been a constant companion in the healing of my body and the quieting of my mind.  And throughout my healing journey I was presented with many opportunities to begin anew. Through this process I have discovered the value of “basics”.  These are foundational understandings and practices which are necessary for the evolution of the students practice, regardless of the form or structure of study.  Revisited over time and viewed from alternate perspectives as we grow, these foundational elements allow us to clarify and adjust our practice as we grow. 

            The Soaring Crane Qigong form is easy to learn and practice.  The movements assist with the regulation of the breath and the mind directs the qi through the desired pathways.  The qi comes quickly, clearing the meridians and strengthening the immune system.  There may be an increase in mental clarity, creativity and intuition.  An increased sense of well-being may also be experienced. 

“Soaring Crane Qigong is a process of becoming clearer, happier and more peaceful by     decreasing stress and tension.”  Master Zhao Jin Xiang

To derive the many benefits of this healing art, qigong must be practiced regularly and correctly.  By following the three principle guidelines of mental relaxation, correct body posture and regulated breathing patterns, qigong practice will bring lasting results. To assist the beginning student in achieving maximum benefits from practicing Soaring Crane Qigong, basic qigong principles and postures will be introduced which will accelerate the learning process and enable the student to begin working with the qi almost immediately.

The Soaring Crane form consists of Five Routines.  On the first Saturday, April 4th, the student will be introduced to the energetic points and pathways necessary for the mind to visualize qi flow.  Correct breathing techniques coupled with awareness to posture assist the student to receive maximum benefit from practice.  Routine 1: Gathering Qi from the Six Directions will be introduced.

On the second Saturday, April 11th, we will review the previous lesson, make necessary adjustments and introduce of Routine 3: Crane’s Head Carrying Qi through Dumai and Renmai, and Routine 5: Mingling with the Source of All Qi. 

A second series of workshops will be scheduled for August 2015.  They will complete the Five Routines (2 and 4) and will offer a review and corrections of the entire form.  New material will be introduced.

Questions and observations are welcome.  Note taking is encouraged.  Handouts will be available.  I also encourage each student to obtain a copy of Master Zhao’s Soaring Crane Qigong book, translated by Chen Hui-Xian.  A comprehensive site to obtain materials and information pertinent to this class is: www.qi.org. Wear loose fitting clothing to class; no perfumes or jewelry, please.

Sifu John W. Adams, L. Ac.

 808-929-7177    sprucewindtoo@gmail.com.  Sign up here. Click the Workshop Tab


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