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No First Friday this month. Jesse Young is going to leave her art up for another month. We also put a huge piece of artwork up by Derick Burlson in the Noble studio. Come to classes and appreciate them all month.

Derick Burlson

Jessie Young

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Free your Hip Joints with Feldenkrais  with Russell Walker 

Saturday 7/11/2015 11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Room: HSY Noble Street

Well-functioning hip joints provide a sound sense of support and effortlessness in your posture and movements. This workshop explores movements to free the unnecessary habitual tensions in the hip joints that can often cause unwanted back, knee, and neck pain. Participants lay on the floor to create a learning environment in which we are able to develop a heightened awareness of how our hips function. This workshop presents an opportunity to feel deeply relaxed and leave with a sense of powerful fluidity in your movements.

Instructor Bio:
Athletic injuries led Russell to the Feldenkrais Method. He uses the Feldenkrais Method to improve posture, movement, and well-being. As a Feldenkrais Practitioner, he enjoys sharing a way to move more comfortably and easily with others. Russell currently studies Kinesiology at Oregon State University. For more information, visit

You will get more out of the Ashtanga Clinic if you have already had an introduction to the Primary Series. Call 474-8108 if you have any questions.

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