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Mission Statement:

We are a community-based studio for yoga and related mind-body experiences. We believe that yoga is for every body, regardless of age or physical capacity. Our mission is to reach and teach those who would benefit from yoga and provide the opportunity for personal expression on all levels - physical, creative, and artistic.

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From Lindsey:
Dear Friends,

As we move into the spring season, the sunlight returns and with it comes an internal aliveness, a motivation to get moving that during the winter months lay dormant. While this new active energy feels "ready to go" sometimes our physical body isn't quite able to accommodate what our mind wants us to do. This is because for the physical body, the spring season means internal cleansing. The cells begin to dump any toxic accumulation from a heavier winter diet and often more sedentary lifestyle, making space for better health and vitality. This process requires more sleep and fluids which can feel counterintuitive to the abundance of sunlight but is vital for allowing your body to find balance and transition gracefully from winter into spring. Most of us can benefit from a light cleanse this time of year, in our house we do a week to 10 day food fast that includes fresh green juice, smoothies, vegetable soups, lightly steamed veggies with oil, herbal teas and lots of water. During the duration of our fast we will omit meat, dairy (except butter) and grains. Then for the next 2 months I will work supportive liver foods into my diet everyday and will do my best to get extra cardiovascular exercise and sleep, since sleep is when the liver purifies the blood and the body does its best healing work. 
There is a lot you can do to assist your body during this transitional phase; allow yourself extra time for rest and sleep, take a yoga class or get some exercise that gets your heart-rate up thus circulating the blood and increasing oxygen to the cells. Some of the best foods to incorporate into your diet that are natural liver detoxifiers are; all citrus especially lemons and limes, celery, green apples, all greens especially kale and lettuces, cucumbers, parsley and peppermint/mint. If you are experiencing acutely any of the Liver symptoms below try adding hot or cold peppermint tea and lemon/lime/cucumber water 2-3x a day for the next two weeks and see what happens. It is so important for us not to view symptoms as the enemy but as the language of the body and guide for how to better care for ourselves. 
Cheers to a beautiful spring,

Most Common Symptoms of Liver Cleansing
Burning Eyes/Eye Infections
Skin Breakouts/Acne
Achy Joints/Muscles/Tendons
Apetite Loss/Stomach Upset
Allergy Flare-ups
Excess Mucus
Cold Symptoms


Basic Liver Cleansing Vinaigrette
Juice of 1 lemon and 1/2 orange 
Equal parts cold-pressed olive oil
2 tsp. Maple Syrup, Agave or sweetener of choice
2 tsp dried oregano
Ground pepper to taste
Mix ingredients together in a jar, shake well and pour over salad or streamed greens of choice.

Simple Sun Tea
6-8 peppermint tea bags
2 quarts water 
Place tea bags and water in pitcher and set in sunbeam on counter for 2 hours. 
Remove tea bags and store in fridge.
Drink 6oz of sun tea 2x a day.
*If you are making cucumber or lemon/lime infused water, same process but replace tea bags with peeled and sliced fruit or veggie of choice.
Best Liver Flushing Juice
1 green apple
1 lemon (peeled)
4 celery stalk
4 kale leaves
1/2 cucumber
spring of parsley.
Run everything through a juicer or blender. If using a blender you can either drink the pulp (straws are helpful here) or strain by placing a metal/plastic strainer over a bowl until pulp is removed. A nut milk bag will also work here.
Drink 6-8oz daily, more if liver symptoms are intense.
Over the next few months I will be weaving specific breath work (pranayama) and yoga poses into my classes that will help support the body through this natural and necessary cleansing and purging phase. If you are interested in how yoga can support your overall health and mental state, come to class. Even if you are brand new, this style of yoga is accessible to all and moves at a pace that can accommodate everyone from beginner to advanced.

Practice with Lindsey
Monday night 6:45-7:45pm at The Alaska Club South Location
Wednesday noon-1pm Heart Stream Yoga Studio 201
Private EFT Yoga Fusion Session 
Need more attention interpreting the pains or symptoms of your body? Feeling emotionally stuck, overwhelmed or unmotivated? Perhaps you need a little guidance setting goals and removing emotional blocks to personal success. Private EFT Yoga Fusion sessions are customized to each individual and their personal wellness needs. Together we will uncover hidden drivers and blocks that keep you from achieving fulfillment and accomplishing personal goals be it weight and wellness, money and career, or love and relationships. Using a variety of tools ranging from whole foods nutrition, yoga poses and techniques, EFT meridian tapping (emotional freedom technique) and awareness practices we will uncover the subconscious thought processes that are holding you back and keeping you stuck and will design a customized protocol with the right nutrition, yoga and tapping scripts for you to take home. For more information about EFT Yoga Fusion Sessions please visit: www.eftyogafusion.com

Need some self care and relaxation? Skin Issues showing up? Let me help, facial enzyme treatments are a great way to help your skin regenerate, stay healthy and hydrated and take that extra time to relax and reboot. For a full list of Spa Services visit: www.eftyogafusion.com


Spa Day is at Donna's house and she can only accomodate 10 people. Sign up now under the workshop tab

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