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Mission Statement:

We are a community-based studio for yoga and related mind-body experiences. We believe that yoga is for every body, regardless of age or physical capacity. Our mission is to reach and teach those who would benefit from yoga and provide the opportunity for personal expression on all levels - physical, creative, and artistic.

(907) 474-8108

Before we talk about yoga, we first must talk about pies. Kathleen loves making pies. There is something about the exact measurement and technique required to achieve the perfectly flakey crust that appeals to her scientific background. And through the precision of the pie making process the result is a warm luscious dessert. Kathleen married a Colorado cowboy, so it was first out of love that she began to experiment. But found that through her own passion she continued, perfected, and now can easily be lost in the measurement of flour, shaping the perfect pea size chunks of fat, gently adding the liquid not to toughen, which all together produces a flakey crust. And then there is the choice of selecting either fruit or a cream filling. This decision depends on her mood and season. This decision depends on listening to what inspires her.

Making pies is much like the practice of yoga. Through the precision of the practice, and the practice of listening, the result is also a warm luscious dessert. Kathleen was looking for relief from her daily aches and pains along with the pressure of her Environmental Management day job when she discovered Batiste Power flow in 2009. She still remembers her first class when everything changed for her. She loves the structure, the discipline, and the sweat. She found it as a pathway not only to heal both her body but calm her monkey mind. Practicing power vinyasa flow is much like making a pie. It’s two parts sun salutations, one part twists, one part balances, toss in a wheel and you have a perfect recipe for a transformation.

Kathleen is a runner, a cyclist, completed triathlons and marathons. She is a Master Gardener, and has used fly fishing has been an excuse to travel the world. She has been a Certified Spinning Instructor since 2007. To better understand and deepen her own practice, she completed 200 hours of Baron Baptiste’s Level I & II Teacher Training. As she was already a fly fishing and Spin instructor, it was a natural process to extend her practice into teaching yoga. Also, Baron encourages his students to share the transformation.

Kathleen’s approach to teaching yoga weaves together a mindfulness of movement for anybody, any condition, any age. Kathleen’s philosophy of yoga is to engage what works while creating balance in order to move freely in your body. She communicates with humor and laughter. Kathleen’s classes have been described athletic, if you come, plan to breathe, maybe even laugh. Come ask her what her current pie inspiration is. She credits the Fairbanks yoga community as a constant source of learning and inspiration in both the practice of yoga and eating of desserts! 

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