Kara Golux Workshop-Water, Deep Winter 3/17

Kara Golux’s next workshop will be March 17 from 3:30-5:30p and it will be called Water, Deep Winter.

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Water, Deep Winter, time of gestation, purification, rejuvenation, a time of reflection, of turning towards that which is essential.  Like the archetype of the Philosopher and her unceasing thirst for truth, our Water energy calls us to inquiry – who am I really?  How might I know my basic nature, my essential self?  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the kidney organ is the storehouse of essence, our prenatal life force, the vessel which lends form to the unmanifested.  Stress, over-activity and striving deplete this vital energy.  In this 2-hour yin workshop combining breath and awareness practices with long-held floor postures which target the energy channels of Kidney and Urinary Bladder, we will re-fill the vessel, restoring vibrancy and clarity to the deep internal lake.

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